News from STAP Executive Director

During the quiet of the holiday break I spent several days reviewing the agency's strategic plan. Now if the rest of you are anything like me this is a prospect that might fill you with dread and I will admit that those feelings were in the mix as I began. As I progressed through the edits and updates, however, another set of feelings emerged. Positive feelings and thoughts. I felt gratitude toward our donors, our volunteers and the communities that support our mission in big and small ways. I felt pride at the work that our staff is able to accomplish in cooperation with our consumers, at the compassion they approach those they serve with and their perseverance in witnessing suffering, helping to relieve it and continuing to do so day after day. I felt amazement at the obstacles that those we serve overcome every day and that they are resilient enough to carry on whatever the impediments and challenges they face.

And yes, I saw all this in a strategic plan, because our plans here are always inspired and animated by the needs and strengths of our communities, our consumers and our staff. It has to be, because without them there is no reason for us to exist. I will also say that if the plan is any reflection of our reality that we have changed the world around us for the better and we can prove it. 

At the end of my updating of the strategic plan I found myself energized and looking forward to the good things that will happen in 2020 and beyond. We are fortunate here at STAP/STCC. We have good work to do that is needed and eases human suffering. We have the resources and the support of our communities to do the work and we can prove that what we are doing actually helps. Good work is a precious gift and we are thankful for it. 

~ John Barry LMSW, Executive Director, Southern Tier AIDS Program 

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