Keeping the Distance

Your Donation Helps our Community

Every dollar donated helps our community.  The funds raised annually through the AIDS Ride for Life are quite literally the lifeblood of STAP. Like most nonprofits, the funds we receive to operate programs are often inadequate and very tightly restricted to specific purposes. The Ride allows us to address emerging local needs, to serve people immediately in a way that is more responsive and respectful to them and to help close gaps in some program funding streams . The Ride assures that we have the resources to prevent HIV infections, care for HIV+ persons and assist people with other chronic illnesses in the best way possible.

Help, Hope Heal.  We appreciate your generosity more than you can ever imagine.  Thank you with all of our hearts.

Please make a donation right here .

Become a Sponsor

There are many benefits to becoming a corporate sponsor. If you are interested in joining the growing list of businesses that are supporting this cause, please let us know by calling Mary Kaminsky at 607-798-1706 ext 108