Morning Ride Out

About Ride For Life

OUR 21st YEAR!!!  THE AIDS RIDE FOR LIFE IS…a fully supported 102, 90, 69,42, 25 or 14 mile bike ride beginning in Ithaca, NY with Indoor cyclists joining us around many communities! We are all raising money and awareness in HIV/AIDS prevention and Harm Reduction regarding substance use.  Every year, this landmark ride around Cayuga Lake in the beautiful New York State Finger Lakes Region  delivers a life-changing experience for hundreds of participants from all backgrounds and fitness levels who are united in spirit by a common desire to do something altruistic. Whether you are considering your first ride or are a seasoned veteran, we want you with us at the AIDS Ride For Life 2019.

WANT A CHANCE to combine a challenging route, beautiful scenery, spectacular views of Cayuga Lake and what has been called one of the best supported Rides anywhere with a chance to make a difference?  Mark September 7, 2019 on your calendar and book your travel to New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes Region. Route support is fantastic with eight pit stops along the 102 mile route with hydration, food, medical assistance and multiple SAG (safety & gear) repair vehicles out on the road.   The Ride begins and ends in Ithaca, NY with all participants escorted back to the starting point in a Victory Parade just in time to enjoy closing ceremonies and a fabulous roast chicken or vegan/vegetarian dinner at Stewart Park catered by Ithaca Bakery.

THIS POPULAR ANNUAL Ithaca/Southern Tier AIDS Program tradition brings together hundreds of riders, volunteers, and sponsors. The Ride has raised over $4 million for  STAP's eight county HIV/AIDS prevention programs and services and Opiate Overdose Prevention & Harm Reduction programs throughout its 20 year history 

SOME PEOPLE DECIDE they will challenge themselves to get fit, to shed pounds, or to do something that is bigger than the sum of the parts.  “The Ride is a wonderful awareness builder for the cause – It is impossible to talk about the Ride with anyone without mentioning AIDS, and that helps us keep the subject in our minds, so we can work to solve the problem, not ignore it.  It identifies something that people have been afraid of, haven’t understood  how to prevent or how to respond to it. “   ~ARFL Co-Founder Jerry Dietz

THERE HAVE BEEN GREAT GAINS in prevention, dramatically dropping numbers of new infections across the globe, growing numbers of HIV-positive individuals gaining access to treatment and the continued advances in scientific research.  All reasons to be optimistic about eventually eradicating new cases of AIDS for future generations.

 THE SWIFT RISE of heroin use has increased the demand for our Opioid Overdose Prevention Program.  Over  465 lives were saved with 1900+ Naloxone kits distributed by STAP staff in 2017.  Our youth center is serving a record number of young people and along with caring for clients who have HIV/AIDS, we now provide services for anyone who is Medicaid eligible and dealing with a chronic illness.  Check us out at

MAKE NO MISTAKE about the fact that HIV may be with us well into the future.  There is much to do. The money raised through the AIDS Ride For Life for the Southern Tier AIDS Program is critical for continuing the progression of prevention and education. Please join us for the Ride of your life!

About STAP

2017 marks our 33rd anniversary!  Founded in 1984, the Southern Tier AIDS Program provides supportive services to HIV+ persons and state of the art prevention education from 8 offices in an 8 county area. We work to create a world where HIV transmission is rare and those who are HIV+ lead healthy lives. We cultivate individual and community strengths to improve the public health. Our services focus on the health and well being of HIV+ persons and incorporate a harm reduction perspective and recognize that behavior change is a gradual process. As you know, many individuals in our community go without proper resources and essential medical care every day due to a variety of factors attributed to HIV/AIDS. While all of us are susceptible to hard times, those living with HIV/AIDS are especially underserved. New York State is #1 in cases of HIV/AIDS in the United States. With the generous support of people like you, we will be able to help many of these individuals not only to meet essential daily needs, but to work toward a brighter future as we provide supportive services to HIV positive individuals and state of the art prevention education. We will be able to continue our work to create a world where HIV transmission is rare and those who are HIV positive lead healthy lives. We walk together toward a future of renewed hope, caring and compassion. We believe that this shared hope will usher in the end of AIDS. Someday, when we look back on the steps that have been taken in the victory over AIDS, we will realize that we had to take these steps together.

2018 Ride Committee

Cynthia Rotella, Ride Coordinator

Hannah Van Ostrand, Program Assistant

Jerry Dietz, Co-Founder

Russ Traunstein, Co-Founder

Adam Brumberg

Autumn Cook

Drew Noden




2018 Board of Directors

  • Jerry Halbert, President
  • Andrea Vaioli, Vice President
  • Chris Waters, Secretary
  • Anthony Fiala Jr, Treasurer
  • Joyce Allen
  • Tina Chronopoulos
  • Erin Donnelly
  • Jill Alford-Hammintt
  • Melissa Klinko
  • Logan Robinson
  • Scott Rosman
  • Jeffrey Steber
  • Marsha Stock